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My name is E.S. Columbine and I am a Greensboro-based author specializing in poetry and fantasy novels. Below, you can find my oeuvres, as well as the links to my social media for more information on each individual novel. If you have any questions, or you would like to arrange an interview or appearance, I am available via email. Also, feel free to take a look around my blog being that I have a variety of tutorials for authors, as well as members of the writing community. Thank you so much for your support.

E-Books, Hardbacks & More!

All my publications are available online and in print. If you would like a more bespoke writing service, or a signed copy then you can get in touch today. I pride myself on the quality of my writing as well as my passion in helping my readers enjoy my work.

The Power of Words

With a mastery of the nuisances of English, you’ll experience laughs, suspense and become emotionally attached to the poems that I've created. You can be certain of one thing: a story
that deserves to be read and experienced.

When to Say Goodbye

This is the latest book of poetry that will be released on August 29th, 2019 on all major platforms. This is book two of three that will complete the series. Feel free to check each
book out on Amazon, iBooks and Nook.

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Handle with care cover photo
E.S. Columbine

Handle with Care

Introduction Released in 2018, it’s the pinnacle point me being that this first publication took over five years to produce. It’s a compilation of some of my newer, as well as my older work that I created during some pretty heavy moments. Why it was Written The reason I decided to turn them into a book is that I am a firm believer in poetry and the fact that it saves lives as

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Book on desk
Book Reviews
E.S. Columbine

5 Worthwhile Reads for Poets

Introduction Poetry is like music, and everyone is always looking for that one great song that they relate to. Or, better yet, an artist. These five books are amazing works of art that you can relate to in more than one way. Check out these top five reads below: Rest in the Mourning It’s one of the best books of poetry that I have read thus far, which is why it sits up

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Old books with new beginnings
Book Reviews
E.S. Columbine

Then She Was Gone

It’s the perfect mixture between mixing the past and the present. Throughout the book, the past ties into the future and acts as a supplement to explain the events that occurred beforehand in order to create the present. Now, for those of you that aren’t as into harder core thrillers, I have to say, without ruining it, that this book is pretty heavy and controversial. More About the Book When it comes to

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About the Author

E.S. Columbine has overcome adversity and hardship by writing poetry. In 2017, she moved across the country, for the last time, with her husband, two dogs and beautiful baby boy, to the state of North Carolina.

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