Poetry is like music, and everyone is always looking for that one great song that they relate to. Or, better yet, an artist. These five books are amazing works of art that you can relate to in more than one way. Check out these top five reads below:

Rest in the Mourning

It’s one of the best books of poetry that I have read thus far, which is why it sits up high in the list of top five.

Born to Love, Cursed to Feel

Born to Love, Cursed to Feel by Samantha King is a beautiful work of poetry with an incredible amount of depth. Throughout each piece, you relate to what she’s going through to the point that you get a very personal peek inside what’s going on within her life, heart and mind.

If you haven’t read this particular book of hers, please do. It’s a glimpse inside of her inner workings and you get a pretty clear picture of what made her tick to write this book.

Blossom and Bone

Blossom and Bone by Nicole Lyons, is best described as an earthquake. The amount of emotion and potency in her work is one of a kind. Blossom and Bone is one of my favorite books by her simply because of how raw the poetry is.

Rest in the Mourning by R.H. Sin is one of his most powerful books of poetry. Aside from his more recent book, I Hope This Reaches Her In Time, this is one of my all time favorites. Although, it’s shorter than his other books, it is in no way lacking. He brings out an exceptional side of him that you’ve only seen in a few of his pieces but, it’s the whole book.

The main focal point of this book is losing a very important individual to her, as well as the events that had lead up to said event. Taking this into consideration, each piece is heartfelt and genuine.

Abandoned Breaths

Abandoned Breaths by Alfa will rock you to your core. Each piece is heavy, heartfelt and one of a kind. Even though she does have newer releases, this book of poetry is still one of my go to books to read on a rainy day. Her work has always been exceptional, but not as emotional as the poems are within this novel.

Blossom and Bone

From the moment I opened this book, I didn’t put it down because of its power and its delicate form. She truly is a wordsmith to be rivaled.

To say that she doesn’t pull any punches within this book would be putting it lightly. It is one of her best books to date – and one of the most genuine books of poetry out there.

Season of the Sorceress

Season of the Sorceress: Poetry and Prose is a beautiful work of poetry written by Melody Lee. Her work has always been inspirational and and almost soft spoken to the point that you’re trying to hear what is really being said.


These top five poets are no where near similar to the other in their style form or what they convey. Each one is a true artist that stands on their own, and is effortless when it comes to being genuine. Their skill with words and prose really makes these five masters of their craft that deserve to go down in history as a true revolutionary writer. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope that this article was useful in finding amazing poetry to love and read.

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