Developing your Brand


Canva is a really great online tool that can be used to create the cover of your book. Also, it can be used to create cover banners for every major platform available such as: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

If you are looking for info graphics for an advertisement, they have that too. Anything related to graphics design, or graphics for marketing – Canva does. 

For those of you that are interested in using this particular platform, but aren’t too sure on where to start, you can check out the Tutorials section of my blog to get an idea of the versatility of this platform, as well as how you design on it.


Vista Print

If you are looking to get some business cards for a book signing this is a great place to get them printed. The quality of their paper, printing and overall options for cost is the best that you can find pretty much anywhere. On top of that, they almost always have a promotion, or a trial going that allows you to get more business cards at wholesale value. 

Also, if you want to sell bookmarks, or include them with your books or create advertisements, Vista Print is definitely the way to go.  On top of that, if you are looking for something special, or are wanting to place a large order, you can always give them a call and they’ll work with you. 


Not many people have heard of this company, but they are the best out there when it comes to advertising your book or website. It’s an exceptionally streamline program that is also customization down to the letter. Online advertisements are expensive. 

Especially, when you are looking to advertise on more than one search engine. But, Taboola is the best resource available to get your advertisements out there without spending a small fortune while doing it. If you are looking for tutorials of Taboola, I also have those posted within the tutorials section of my website. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud is definitely a learning curve, but if you have the patience to learn a new skill, Illustrator or Photoshop are the best two tools to use for brand development. They have applications that you can take with you on your phone or tablet as well that will help you create advertisements on the go, or logos.  

The price for Adobe Creative Cloud is pretty steep – costing somewhere between $20.00 dollars per software to $59.99 dollars for the entire suite – a month. They do have student discounts which can drop the cost significantly, but if it is outside of your budget Canva is definitely your best bet.

Wix Logo Maker

Wix, over the years, has stepped up in what they offer. They have bridged the gap considerably well between affordable and high quality. Their logo maker is somewhat cookie cutter, but if you are looking for inspiration or a logo to start off with, they’re a great option. 

Each logo is fully customization, and if you do find a template you like, you can always outsource it to a freelancer and have them build you a nice high quality graphic from their template. That being said, if you are looking for something simple, that doesn’t have to have an insanely high resolution, this is the best place available. 

AI Logo Makers

I’m not too sure how anyone feels when it comes to Artificial Intelligence making a logo for you, let alone doing anything on its own, but there are a few Logo Makers that run off of AI that are pretty good. 

My go to logo maker that’s ran off of Artificial Intelligence is Brandmark. Their software does a pretty great job creating high resolution logos that are unique to the brand that is trying to be developed. 

However, I am a lover of supporting a freelancer to do the work for you, but Brandmark is a great place to get a free logo generated for you so that you can get a better idea of how you would like it to look, if and when, you choose to hire an individual to create it for you.