Author Resources

Completely free, it’s a great way to get your book to be available at all major retailers internationally. On top of that, Lulu gives you 100% of the royalties earned through the purchase of your book. iBooks by Apple, Nook and Amazon are the top three major retailers that Lulu will post your book on. But, they also submit it to the international database so that major retailers such as: 

Target, Indie bookstores and libraries can purchase your books to sell within their stores. It’s an exceptional resource that I have had a substantial amount of luck with, and if you are looking to cast a wide net for your book, this is the best free resource out there for self published authors.

GoodReads is an excellent resource to get your book out there. It allows you to create an authors page, and if you decide to, they have a variety of paid marketing for your book available. GoodReads is one of the largest platforms in the world where people purchase, read and review the books that they have read. If you are looking for a reputable platform to generate  a following, this is the best bet for authors. 

It’s incredibly easy to create, and it’s completely free to use. All you have to do is find your book, weather it be Amazon or Barns and Noble, and claim that you are the author of said book. After that, they will verify the information that you have submitted, and then they will create an authors page for your work.

Books-A-Million is a paid service that you have to apply for in order to be considered. Taking this into consideration, if you are no used to submitting a formal query, this is a great place to start because they’re not as strict as many of the other publishing platforms are. Granted, if you do decide to use this resource, be prepared to put aside at the very least, a grand to get it all said and done. 

Their influence, and clout when it comes to the publishing industry is impressive, and it has the potential to expand your reach exponentially for your novel. Also, it is important to point out that professionalism and a readiness to get put out into the open is key. This fact is particularly hard for many authors to get around, being that they’re mostly introverted, but if you want your book to sell, prepare yourself for some serious socialization. 

Kindle Create is an amazing tool to format your ebook so that you can convert it into another platform with Calibre. The reason I recommend this software is because it is designed specifically for books to display correctly on on digital formats all over the world. Therefore, if you opt to use  Kindle Create, and download it, all of the other services that you submit your ebook too, will approve your book almost immediately. 

There’s no wandering around in the dark, wondering why your manuscript wasn’t accepted, and even though you have a title and a header page, why it didn’t pick it up when it was rendered. The great thing about this resource is that it’s completely free, and even though it’s a far cry from perfect, it is an amazing tool to use in the beginning stages. 

If it were not for Calibre, I would not, by any means recommend using Kindle Create because it will not export your ebook into a different format. Being that it is created by Amazon, they aren’t too keen on helping the competition. But, this is where Calibre comes in. 

Once you have finished formatting your ebook, or physical copy you can upload it to Calibre. Once that’s been completed, all you will have to do is install two plugins: KFX Output and KFX Input by Jhowell.  After that, you convert your Kindle Create file to Epub which is accepted throughout every virtual ebook reader available.